Oops! This website has not been paid for by Lance Nowak, owner and broker of One Rate Real Estate (has since changed names to Lower Rate Real Estate and now Victory Realty Elite).




If you are reading this, you have found a blog about the domain, oneratesells.com, owned and operated by North18, LLC. This domain was originally intended to be the main landing page for One Rate Real Estate (since changed to Lower Rate Real Estate and now Victory Realty Elite), but Lance Nowak didn't pay the bill for the web development of his custom website. 105 days past due and Lance hurling hostile threats at us left and right to hand over the website he didn't pay for, we decided to pull the plug on the website not only because Lance didn't pay the bill and we were eating the operating costs to keep the website active, but because he became an absolute and incredible jerk. Read more about our amazing timeline below... 


Factual and Brief Summary/History:


  • April 13, 2012, Lance agrees (in writing) to have North18, LLC develop his custom website and purchase/manage his domain, onerate-realestate.com and host his website. By asking us to manage this domain and because North18, LLC physically fronts the money to purchase the domain, Lance has entrusted North18, LLC to register the domain in our name by default per our North18, LLC services contract. Website development would commence upon receiving 3rd-party website design (final 3rd-party website design received May 15, 2012). Estimated cost was $2500.
  • June 1, 2012, North18, LLC delivers a complete and functional website, allowing Lance to run his business with the backing of a productive website. Lance discloses full satisfaction with his new website (in writing).
  • June 7, 2012, Invoice 1 sent to Lance for completed website development under budget in the amount of $2330.00. Lance acknowledges the invoice (in writing) and tells North18, LLC that he doesn't have enough money to pay the full bill. North18, LLC allows Lance to "pay when you can", giving friendly and professional respect for Lance's start-up small business by waiving the standard 30-day invoice due date. Lance states (in writing) that he has forthcoming closings that will provide finances where he, then, would be able to pay the remaining balance as soon as possible.
  • June 1, 2012 through Aug 27, 2012, Lance sends multiple (72) additional website change requests that North18, LLC fulfills/completes as they come in, even though the first segment of work has not been paid for. Lance agrees (in writing) that these additional website changes will accumulate and be charged on a separate invoice.
  • Aug 15, 2012, North18, LLC receives agreement (in writing) from Lance to purchase/manage second domain name, oneratesells.com and direct all traffic from onerate-realestate.com to this new domain. North18, LLC completes this new work request before the end of the day, Aug 15, 2012.
  • Sept 20, 2012, North18, LLC abruptly receives hostile and threatening demands for "control" of both domains, threatening to sue both North18, LLC and its owner if they don't comply. Lance reveals that he will not pay the balance due for the product delivered and will move his domains to a different hosting service when he receives the domains into his control.  105 days past due, North18, LLC decomissions both domains and sends invoices 1 & invoice 2 ($450.00 for the additional website changes) along with a statement to Lance that he will receive his website (full website code and graphics) and domains once payment is made in full.
  • Sept 21, 2012, Lance purchases domain, oneratesells.net from GoDaddy.com and launches new website with iHouse Elite, virtually wasting no time to move on (with less than 12 hours of down time) and ignores North18, LLC's invoice(s) for the past due amount.
  • Oct 15, 2012, Lance sues North18, LLC in Milwaukee County small claims court for tort damage of personal injury against One Rate Real Estate in the amount of $5000 for decommissioning his website that he didn't pay for.
  • Oct 22, 2012, North18, LLC sends invoices 1, 2 and a 3rd invoice to cover court costs. Lance returns with more insults and hostile threats towards North18, LLC and its owner.
  • Nov 12, 2012, North18, LLC files a counter-claim lawsuit against Lance to collect what is owed. By filing this counter claim, North18, LLC sends copies of all 3 invoices to Lance and files all 3 invoices with the County as public legal documents in the case. It is important to note here that North18, LLC did not pursue full payment of services through small claims court until the counter-claim opportunity  - that subsequently ensued Lance's original claim - arose.
  • Jan 10, 2013, One week before the small claims court date appearance that Lance initiated, Lance attempts to cajole (in writing) North18, LLC into dropping the counter-claim filesuit by offering $1000.
  • Jan 17, 2013, Although Lance is suing North18, LLC for $5000 for tort damage of personal injury, Lance fails to prove $5000 in damage to his business was done, but does come up with under $200 in receipts for signage changes. Under oath, Lance lies to the Milwaukee County small claims court judge magistrate during the case hearing by denying that he received any invoices from North18, LLC. The judge magistrate eventually believes Lance's deceitfulness and the small claims court case is dismissed.
  • April 10, 2013, North18, LLC relaunches oneratesells.com as a timeline blog with a factual documented summary of the history of the domain(s) and the events that occured between North18, LLC and Lance Nowak.
  • May 3, 2013, North18, LLC receives extremely hostile threats and demands from Lance Nowak to remove the website content from oneratesells.com or Lance will sue North18, LLC and its owner again if North18, LLC doesn't comply by the end of the day. Not denying any part of the timeline history documented on oneratesells.com, Lance continued with threats to North18, LLC and its owner in that Lance "will probably do worse" than sue North18, LLC and its owner.
  • May 23, 2013, In an attempt to commandeer this website by force, Lance Nowak and his attorney, Michael J. Torphy, submit a false statement to Milwaukee Police detectives (yes, they lied to the police) in an attempt to convince the police that Lance's website was stolen by North18, LLC.
  • May 29, 2013, North18, LLC receives a letter from Lance Nowak drafted by attorney Michael J. Torphy that threatens and attempts to silence North18, LLC's and its owner's United States Constitutional First Ammendment right to post blog content about the history of their own domain, oneratesells.com, and the anguish that Lance Nowak has put them through.

    Within the letter, attorney Michael J. Torphy acknowledges that Lance Nowak was indeed under contract with North18, LLC (opposite of what Lance stated during the small claims court case) but then went on to falsely state that the website "failed to meet Mr. Nowak's expectations" (opposite of Lance's prior statements). The very next sentence falsely states "[Lance] refused payment" (opposite of Lance's prior statements that he would pay when he could) "and [North18, LLC] did seek to force payment by suing in small claims court in Milwaukee County, WI" (opposite of what actually occured and neglecting to point out Lance's initial legal action against North18, LLC).

    Still not denying any part of the timeline history documented on oneratesells.com, Torphy goes on to use these false accusations to mold the position that North18, LLC is deliberately using "defamatory statements" in an "unauthorized" landing page, when we are merely documenting our own timeline on our own website. Torphy goes on to threaten North18, LLC and its owner by claiming there are copyright infringements based on Lance's business entity when, in fact, this blog states nothing about the reputation of Lance's business, nor any pursuit, for that matter, of the balance that was previously due (Lance lied, we lost, end of story).  Torphy fails to recognize that oneratesells.com belongs to North18, LLC (and was cleared of any previous claims of ownership solely because of Lance's initial (and failed) litigation), but still attempts to use the domain name, oneratesells.com, as Lance Nowak's property in Torphy's assertions... In addition (and because this domain does indeed belong to North18, LLC), we are allowed to say who we are.

    Lance and Torphy attempt to cajole us by offering us $500 for the website domain. Lance and Torphy add that we have 10 days to comply to their request or they will pursue further litigation.

    At this point, it is unclear whether Lance deliberately lied to the attorney to sell his story or if the attorney is lying without Lance's assistance. What is clear is that through his words, MIchael J. Torphy has stated false accusations in an effort to silence North18, LLC.
  • June 5, 2013, 4:40pm, Lance sends us another reminder that we have 4 remaining days to comply to their request.
  • June 5, 2013, 11:02pm, With still 4 days left on Lance's offer, Lance suddenly revokes his offer and threatens to sue North18, LLC once more.
  • June 7, 2013, North18, LLC gets confirmation from the Milwaukee Police detective on Lance's case that Lance and Torphy did indeed lie to the police in an attempt to commandeer this website domain. The Milwaukee Police detective informs us that they are dismissing the case and are baffled why they were notified of the alleged theft in the first place since the alleged theft of the domain did not occur within Milwaukee city limits. At this point, we have a slight suspicion that the Milwaukee Police detective informed Lance of the same conclusion 2 nights prior, which is when we received the angry response from Lance.